Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hermes walks in in the middle of a feud between Athena & Arty. NOT GOOD.
"Oh crap, not again."Sighs hermes.
everyone pauses to stare.
"oh...uhmm..hi?" questions artey.
Athena lerches at artemis' neck.
Artemis screams.
"great, now i have to pull u guys off eachother...!" exclaimes hermes.
"Aris, stop the fricken' chaos!" yells aphrodite.
"oh...sorry." replies Aris with a smirk.
"Now whats going on?" askes hermes, as athena gets off artemis.
Aris jumps at hermes.
"sorry, i had a sudden urg to kill someone" says Aris, blushing.
"GET OFF HIM!!" Yells artey.
"no need to get obsessive, little miss juliet. Your romeo is fine" says aris with another smirk.
Artemis and Hermes blush.
To break the akward silence, Apollo (my older brother) walks by.
"Hey Aris." Apollo says, looking over.
"oh..h-hi a-apollo...!" replies aris, nervously.
Aris twistes her hair between her fingers. Trying to flirt.
"oh my gods, you're flirting with my brother!" exlaimes artemis.
"no im not! hes not you're brother."
"yes i am" says apollo.
"oh, then yeah i am..." says aris, smirking with delite.
aris slowly follows apollo away.
"minus one friend" murmurs athena.
"Thank the gods its Aris!" says artey.
Rain starts to fall on our heads.
"sorry aris..." they all chime together.
rain stops falling.
"thank you, aris"

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