Friday, September 28, 2007

Real Life People

This is me in real life.

My name is Sarah, not Artemis.

Aphrodite is my bff Angela

Ares is our friend Jacob.

Aris is my bff Nikki

Apollo is our (not-so-friendly) friend Chris

Athena is my bff Alanna

Hecules is...tba (to be announced)

And Hermes is either Michael or William.



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Aphrodite and Ares

Aphrodite walked out of her room

she was suprized to see Ares

"Hey, Aphrodite"
Said ares,
looking down to hide his blushing
"I thought The god of war wouldn't have a soft-spot"
Aphrodite replied smirking
"I'll always have a soft spot..."
Ares swallowed
"I'll always have a soft-spot...for you"
He continued
Now Aphrodite was blushing
"So, do you wanna...."
She started, getting interuped by Ares
"go out sometime? Sure!"
Aphrodite giggled
Ares blushed
"Even better in person"
He whispered
"What was that?"
"You laughter is amazing in my dreams...
But in real life its even better"
"Oh uhmm..."
Aphrodite was blushing again
"You're...You're really sweet"
She said smiling a bit
She leaned forward to kiss him
she fell, of course
taking him down with her
she was on top of him
all he did was laugh and his her.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Aris and Apollo. First Kiss.

Aris turns around, and theris Apollo, looking her in the eyes.

Aris falls backwards yelling "oh crap!"

"i didnt mean to scare you..." sighs Apollo, helping her up.

She takes his hand and stands up.

She looks down at her hand, still holding Apollos.

" can let go now, Apollo"

"oh, uhmm, s-sorry"

He lets go of her hand. unwillingly.

...akward silence

She turns around to leave.

He turns her around by her shoulder

"please, dont leave..." Apollo pleaded

Aris smirks

"oh so despreate" comments Aris

Then he leans in and kisses her.

Hermes and Artemis

Hermes calls Artemis.
"Hello?...Artey?" askes Hermes
"yeah. whos this?" questions Artey
"Hermes" Artemis smiles brightly.
"o-oh. hi. whats up?"
"nothing, just wanted to talk"
"crap, what to say now"
"i have a few ideas. three words."
Hermes smirks. "i can only think of three important ones."
"the first time a guy says that to me and its over the phone...great..."
"wanna meet in person?" "sure..." "park, 20 minutes" "I'll be there."

"Hey" says Hermes, seeing Artemis sitting under a tree.
"hey, you showed."
"...'course i did. i have to tell you...those words. 'member?"
"of course, how couldnt i?"
They kiss.
"i love you." says Hermes.
"i love you too"

Love. Hercules-athena. Hermes-artemis. Apollo-Aris.


"the girls are asleep, time for private guy talk" whispers Ares.

"whats the subject?" Hermes askes?

"who do you like, Hermes?" smirks Apollo.

Hermes blushes.

"everyone already knows. its my little sister. Artemis" laughs apollo.

"shut up, you idiot!" yells hermes.

"you dont want them to wake up, do you?!" questions Ares.

"" replies Hermes

"Hercules, who do you like?" askes Apollo

"Athena, duhh." replies Hercules.

"...woah" chimes all the guys.

"...anyways, i like Aris." says Apollo, just to change the subject.

"really? she seems a bit...hyper." says hercules.

"shut up!" yells apollo.

"Ares, you havent talked in a while" smirks Hermes.

"who is it, lover-boy?" teases Apollo.

"Aphrodite." murmurs Ares

"Wow, opposites do attract..." says hercules, grinning

akward silence...

"do you like cake? i like cake. cake is good." says Apollo

"woah, aris' dumbblondness is rubbing off on you" laughs Hermes

"shes not even blond, nimrod" explains Apollo

"you notice that stuff?" smirks Ares

"and you dont? what do you look at when you talk to her?" askes apollo

"you dont wanna know" murmurs Ares.

"i thought you liked, aphrodite?" asked Hermes.

"yeah, she has beautiful eyes" Ares sighs happily.

Ares stares off into space, smiling.

"snap outta it dude!" hermes shakes him.

Ares smiles, looking at Hermes "i never left, 'dude'."


All the girls suddenly walk into the room

they had secretly listened in on their conversation.

"did you hear that?" asked Hermes, sweating

"fortunetly, yes...!" Replies Artey, staring at Hermes.

"crap" murmurs Ares

"uh-huh" smiles Aphrodite.

"Hercules, you're a...what?...demigod?" askes Athena.

"...oh man, you just got owned!!" exclaimed Ares.

"full of yourselves, arnt you?" questions athena.

"u didnt know that?" Artey answers for the boys.

"you think my eyes are...beautiful?" askes Aphrodite

Ares blushes..."y-yeah"

"well, they're black. what do you see in them?" askes aphrodite, discusted.

"1...2...3..were the hecks Aris?!" questions apollo

"aww, you miss your juliet." smirks Arety.

"shut up, LITTLE sister...! You're romeo is right over there!" apollo says, pointing to Hermes.

Hermes and Artemis blush.


akward silence, except for athena. munching on popcorn.

"CRAP! no more popcorn!" yells athena

"i'll get u more if u go out with me!!" hercules replies

"friday, 7 o'clock" answers athena.


another akward silence.

Hermes leans closer to Artemis

Then...they kiss.

"this is the greatest romance comedy ever!" says Athena.

The kiss stops

"thank you, aphrodite" artemis sighs happily.

Hermes blushes "Yeah"

"i couldnt help it" answers aphrodite


akward silence

Athena turns around, acidently kissing Hercules.

Too bad she didnt pull back.

"you people have no pride" glares athena

athena kisses hercules again.

"woohoo!" yelps Hercules

"...dork" murmurs athena

"Hey, you kissed me!" hercules said, smirking

"cant deny it" answers athena, grinning a bit


another akward silence.

"i wanna kill ares!" randomly yells aphrodite

"what? no!"

aphrodite shoves ares to the ground.

"...sweet" says hermes, staring down at him.

Then, Aphrodite leans down and kisses Ares.

"...woah" says Ares...

"Unexpected, wasnt it?" Hermes askes
"wow, did i really do that?" askes Aphrodite
"yup..." answers Hermes.
Artemis puts her attention back on hermes.
Artey blushes, as she looks away.
Hermes looks at her and grins. "sweet"
They kiss again.
Nobody seems to notice.
why? they're too busy making out.

Hermes walks in in the middle of a feud between Athena & Arty. NOT GOOD.
"Oh crap, not again."Sighs hermes.
everyone pauses to stare.
"oh...uhmm..hi?" questions artey.
Athena lerches at artemis' neck.
Artemis screams.
"great, now i have to pull u guys off eachother...!" exclaimes hermes.
"Aris, stop the fricken' chaos!" yells aphrodite.
"oh...sorry." replies Aris with a smirk.
"Now whats going on?" askes hermes, as athena gets off artemis.
Aris jumps at hermes.
"sorry, i had a sudden urg to kill someone" says Aris, blushing.
"GET OFF HIM!!" Yells artey.
"no need to get obsessive, little miss juliet. Your romeo is fine" says aris with another smirk.
Artemis and Hermes blush.
To break the akward silence, Apollo (my older brother) walks by.
"Hey Aris." Apollo says, looking over.
"oh..h-hi a-apollo...!" replies aris, nervously.
Aris twistes her hair between her fingers. Trying to flirt.
"oh my gods, you're flirting with my brother!" exlaimes artemis.
"no im not! hes not you're brother."
"yes i am" says apollo.
"oh, then yeah i am..." says aris, smirking with delite.
aris slowly follows apollo away.
"minus one friend" murmurs athena.
"Thank the gods its Aris!" says artey.
Rain starts to fall on our heads.
"sorry aris..." they all chime together.
rain stops falling.
"thank you, aris"


"look who it is, Artey, its hermes...oooh"
"Shut up, aphrodite!"
"he is kinda hott"
"athena, dont get any ideas...hes mine!!"
"Hey...did i miss anything?"
"nothing, Hermes, nothing happened!!"
"Oh Artemis, so naive"
"Shut up, aris!!"
"...i did miss something, didnt i?"