Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Aphrodite and Ares

Aphrodite walked out of her room

she was suprized to see Ares

"Hey, Aphrodite"
Said ares,
looking down to hide his blushing
"I thought The god of war wouldn't have a soft-spot"
Aphrodite replied smirking
"I'll always have a soft spot..."
Ares swallowed
"I'll always have a soft-spot...for you"
He continued
Now Aphrodite was blushing
"So, do you wanna...."
She started, getting interuped by Ares
"go out sometime? Sure!"
Aphrodite giggled
Ares blushed
"Even better in person"
He whispered
"What was that?"
"You laughter is amazing in my dreams...
But in real life its even better"
"Oh uhmm..."
Aphrodite was blushing again
"You're...You're really sweet"
She said smiling a bit
She leaned forward to kiss him
she fell, of course
taking him down with her
she was on top of him
all he did was laugh and his her.


Fayza said...

and HIS her? Don't you mean KISS her?

Sabrina said...

ares is so dreamy and hott