Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hermes and Artemis

Hermes calls Artemis.
"Hello?...Artey?" askes Hermes
"yeah. whos this?" questions Artey
"Hermes" Artemis smiles brightly.
"o-oh. hi. whats up?"
"nothing, just wanted to talk"
"crap, what to say now"
"i have a few ideas. three words."
Hermes smirks. "i can only think of three important ones."
"the first time a guy says that to me and its over the phone...great..."
"wanna meet in person?" "sure..." "park, 20 minutes" "I'll be there."

"Hey" says Hermes, seeing Artemis sitting under a tree.
"hey, you showed."
"...'course i did. i have to tell you...those words. 'member?"
"of course, how couldnt i?"
They kiss.
"i love you." says Hermes.
"i love you too"

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